Certification of an air operator is accomplished in two main sequential steps:

  1. Obtaining an Economical Authority, based on the Aviation Act of Aruba (AB 1989, No. GT 58 art. 13).
  2. A certification process of the applicant from an operational/technical perspective.

In practice the above two-step process is further divided into five phases:

  • Phase 1: Pre-application phase
  • Phase 2: Formal application phase
  • Phase 3: Document review phase
  • Phase 4: Compliance evaluation phase
  • Phase 5: Certification phase

For a more detailed explanation of this process, please refer to Bijlage D of the Beleidsregel Expoitatie Vergunning en AOC, page 12 and forward in English.


Beleidsregel Expoitatie Vergunning en AOC
Beleidsregel Expoitatie Vergunning en AOC
INS-2.004: Management Personnel
INS-2.008A: Economical Authority and AOC Application Statement of Intent
INS-2.008B: Economical Authority and AOC Formal Application